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So... We lied!
We said that we would have a 3 LP vinyl release from Cash Mattock before the close of 2018 but we've run into some unforeseen challenges. The good news is that we are going to release a mixtape that features a selection of the album tracks plus an unreleased bonus track that will be out this month! (12/18)

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Cash Mattock's book, Esoteric
Theories of Flora, Fauna & The Universe is available on Amazon!
The ultimate quest in the study of physics is to find a single scientific theory that explains all the mysteries of the universe. “Esoteric Theories of Flora, Fauna & the Universe” is a portal into the imagination of Cash Mattock as he takes you on an expressive journey explaining his theory of everything. He signifies a new chapter in theoretical physics by looking at the universe in a whole new way and he sparks a modern renaissance of philosophical thought by analyzing our personal relationship with the aggregate of the universe. The pages are adorned with Cash Mattock’s own collages that look like vintage portrait lithographs from another universe. 

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The Wreckage Mixtape Is 
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