Q: Does CMI have contracts available that offer just one of it comprehensive services?
A: Yes! For example, if you currently have a record deal with a label we can act as a producer for your album as long as it doesn’t conflict with your current contract. Any one we work with does bear our name so we are still selective about whom we do business with. 

Q: What do I do If I’m interested it one of CMI’s services?
A: Please send requests by mail with enclosed audio &/or video/image files.

Q: I am interested in production/recording services. What do you have access to for my project?
A: Just about everything. We have access to studios, instruments, equipment, and musicians. If your musician requirements go beyond our immediate capability then we have local access to The Eastman School of Music which is one of top music colleges in the country.

Q: Is CMI currently accepting demos, and if so, how do I submit my demo?
A: No. We Do not currently except unsolicited demos.

Q: What exactly are all of your services?
A: This is a difficult question to answer because there is no limit to what we will involve ourselves in. Beyond the typical scope of a record label we have also been involved in everything from art dealing to developing guitar effects.

You can email us a question at info(at)cashmattock.com. We do receive a lot of emails and it can take more than a week to get back to you.

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