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A note from Cash as 2015
comes to a close...
I hope everyone had a great 2015. Ours was very busy. Even though you haven’t seen very much activity from CMI land there has been a lot going on behind the scenes. We’re wrapping up season 2 of the Ultra Efft show and it looks like will be releasing episodes shortly after the New Year. 
We’re still working on my 2nd album. Hopefully in will be released in 2016 (Update: 2017 for sure). It’s been difficult to finish because I’m doing it all by myself so the tracking/mixing is taking more time than normal and I’ve been busy with other things as well.  
I’ve been blessed to be involved in so many other projects and I’ve started a site just for my artwork which has been very well received 
CashMattockImagery.com ). 
On top of all this I’m writing a book that will feature my artwork. More details on that to come.. 
Thank you for checking out the site and I hope you all have a great New Year.

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Cash Mattock's book, Esoteric
Theories of Flora, Fauna & The Universe, is available on Amazon!
The ultimate quest in the study of physics is to find a single scientific theory that explains all the mysteries of the universe. “Esoteric Theories of Flora, Fauna & the Universe” is a portal into the imagination of Cash Mattock as he takes you on an expressive journey explaining his theory of everything. He signifies a new chapter in theoretical physics by looking at the universe in a whole new way and he sparks a modern renaissance of philosophical thought by analyzing our personal relationship with the aggregate of the universe. The pages are adorned with Cash Mattock’s own collages that look like vintage portrait lithographs from another universe. 

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